The Romantic Tale of Zora the Witch Plate 2 of 5 Signed ACEO Art Print

$5.00 USD


Product Description

This is Plate #2 in my 5 part story of Zora the Witch, a character I created. The story poem is titled The Romantic Tale of Zora the Witch. The stanzas that go with this print are on the back, it is also titled, hand signed and numbered on the back, this is print #2. The print measures 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"and is laser printed on 110 lb archival quality card stock, and is laminated.

The stanzas that go with this print are as follows:

She'd seen him in her crystal ball
Gazed at his vision often,
She finally found him in his grave
and Sitting in his coffin.

Please tell me your name she asked
He said, "It's Wilber Shinns,
And I'd like to know you better
Before this affair begins."

Watermark does not appear on the actual print.

Please email me with any questions.

Original art and prints by Dorothy Irvin.

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